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Breast milk is the best and most natural food for babies. If you cannot or do not want to breastfeed, expressing your breast milk is a useful alternative, so that your baby does not have to miss out on this precious foodstuff. Mothers who regularly express often rely on an electric breast pump. The NUK Luna Breast Pump is small, light and easy to handle – tailor-made for the needs of modern mothers.


The electric two-step rhythm simulates a baby’s natural sucking rhythm and this gives a top expressing action. Step 1 stimulates the milk flow by having short intervals in the suction. In step 2, a slower and more intensive rhythm gives maximum milk flow. By combining both steps, more milk can be expressed in a shorter time.

The soft silicone cushion fits the curve of the breast perfectly, while its textured surface massages the skin and gently stimulates the milk flow. The suction strength can be adjusted too – for the greatest comfort and a gentle feeling even when expressing milk regularly.

The NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump is small and can be used with one hand effortlessly - perfect for the needs of modern mothers.

After use, it is quite straightforward to take the NUK Luna apart and clean. It can be battery or mains operated with the power adaptor that is included.

NUK Breast Milk Container is included
The expressed breast milk flows directly into NUK Breast Milk Container made of temperature-resistant polypropylene. The container is suitable for storing, freezing, warming and even feeding – re-filling not required!

Included in the accessories for the NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump are a screw ring, closure disc and stand as well as a power adaptor and a travel adaptor for journeys abroad.

The NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump: the modern way to express breast milk.

  • Efficient: 2-step rhythm, step 1: stimulates milk flow, step 2: expresses efficiently, switch steps as you like
  • Gentle: adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Soft: super-soft textured silicone cushion for pleasant massage and optimal fit
  • Flexible: battery or mains operated.  Worldwide travel adaptor included. For 100-240 V AC / 50/60 Hz
  • NUK First Choice+ Anti-Colic Bottle Teat silicone, Size 1 (0-6 months), S (extra-fine hole), protective cap, screw ring, closure disc, base and NUK Breast Milk Container are included
  • Sterilises up to 6 baby bottles, or 4 bottles and accessories, within 6 minutes (without heating phase)
  • For maximum convenience there is a removable basket for accessories and 6 bottle stands
  • Modern, ergonomic design – elegant and user-friendly
  • Includes: 1 bottle tongs, 1 accessories’ basket, 1 grid and 6 bottle stands
  • Safety elements: operating light and automatic switch-off
What is a "temperature" or a "fever"?
Both words can be used to describe a state when the body's temperature is raised. 
Body temperature:
"Normal" is between around 36.5 to 37 degrees Celsius (c 97.7 to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The body's temperature is at its highest in the early evening. The results can differ according to where the temperature is taken (mouth, under the arm, rectally, ear, temple or forehead). 
If your child's condition is causing you concern, please consult a doctor.
  • Measures without touching baby's forehead (hygienic measuring)
  • Quick and precise: result within 1 second
  • Immediate high temperature alert
  • Digital display
  • Versatile use: can measure temperature of baby food, bath water and room temperature
Recommended Age: From Newborn and above

Breast pumps can really help new mums who are struggling to breastfeed naturally. The NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump is designed to make expressing easier. It’s innovative design provides an excellent expressing movement and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to express breast milk with just one hand. Jolie also features a soft, textured silicone cushion which moulds to the shape of mother’s breast, providing a pleasant massage that encourages milk flow.

•Simple but sturdy design, made in Germany.
•Easy to assemble and clean, dishwasher safe.
•Ideal for travel.
•Compatible with all NUK First Choice baby bottles and teats. (Not compatible with Nature Sense bottles)
•Pack includes a stand and a 150ml breast milk container with screw ring and sealing disc.

Hygiene is of the utmost priority when handling breast milk. The Jolie Breast Pump should only be used in clean and sterile conditions. Before first use and after every subsequent use all parts that come in to contact with breast milk should be washed, sterilised and dried. We recommend washing with the NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser, which cleans baby accessories more effectively than hot soapy water. The NUK Multi Dry Rack is a practical and hygienic solution for drying baby accessories.

Voted best value manual breast pump by Baby London, August 2015


Features :

The NUK Electric Steam Steriliser is a safe and effective way to destroy harmful bacteria and steriliser baby bottles.

  • Safe, simple to use, fast and economical
  • Sterilises up to 6 baby bottles sets
  • Removable basket for easy access
  • No chemicals
  • Made in Germany
  • This NUK Newborn Bottle Set (0-6 months) includes all the essential items that new parents need. For the top brand from Germany, it is a perfect starter set at an unbeatable price !
  • Pack contents :
  • 2 x NUK Premium Choice 150ml PP Bottles with Size 1M Silicone Teats
  • 2 x NUK Premium Choice 300ml Bottles with Size 1M Silicone Teats
  • 1x NUK Genius Soother, silicone, 0-6 months, with cap
  • Premium Choice Bottles
  • Featuring a sleek and modern feeding bottle design, the extra-wide bottle of the NUK Premium Choice Bottles makes them easy to fill and clean. The contoured shape means that the bottle can be gripped securely and the wide base gives stability. NUK Premium Choice Bottles are made of high-quality polypropylene that is particularly resistant and is also suitable for freezing.
  • NUK Teat The bottles feature the NUK Teat, which has been specially designed with an orthodontic shape and super soft zone which simulates a mother's nipple during breastfeeding and perfectly adapts to baby's sensitive palate. The teats also feature the improved Anti-Colic Air System which minimises infant colic caused by harmful swallowing of air.
  • Genius Soother, silicone, 0-6 months The proven Genius Soother with improved NUK shape – even softer, thinner, narrower and kinder to teeth. Genius was developed in partnership with dental health experts and is based on the approved orthodontic NUK shape with an improved, softer, more flexible baglet which reduces the pressure on baby's jaw and teeth, reducing the risk of teeth misalignment. Genius soothers are made from soft-flex silicone, which is extremely flexible yet bite resistant. Strengthened contours improve safety and the NUK Air System helps to ensure that the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible. Integrated grooves enable saliva to flow away from the baby’s mouth preventing skin irritations.
  • Clinically Proven for easier switching between breast and bottle feeding*
  • NUK is the only brand to have both teats and soothers approved by the Oral Dental Health Foundation.
  • For safety and hygiene purposes we recommend that you replace teats after 1-2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear. To sterilise bottles and teats we recommend using steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steam or Microwave Steriliser. We do not recommend dishwasher sterilisation as this can cause material damage.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

Features :

• Several tiny openings modelled on a mother’s breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow
• Wide, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother’s nipple encourages acceptance
• Innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air being swallowed
• For children aged 0-6 months
• Fits all NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles
• Approved by the Oral Health Foundation.


Features :

  1. Print: Mickey
  2. Spill-proof Spout
  3. Non-slip & Easy grip handles
  4. Extra-soft silicone spout
  5. Protective spout cover
  6. Lightweight bottle with wide neck
  7. Made in Germany
  • Throughout the time you breastfeed, breast pads are practically indispensable. nuk has developed the right breast pads for every need and situation.The nuk Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads were developed to meet the highest demands. The multi-layer lining with its long-term moisture retention makes them extremely absorbent. The breast pads are particularly kind to the skin, as their breathable outer layer allows air to circulate, reducing the chances of skin irritations. The increased diameter of the body-contoured pad fits the breast perfectly and is hardly visible under clothing. With a super-soft inner fabric, the breast pads are kind to the skin and do not stick to the breast. The nuk Fixing Strips keep the pads in place.NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads are particularly hygienic as they are individually packed. This is very handy for when you are out and about. The breast pads come in a practical box of 24 which can be reclosed.NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads - for maximum dependability and comfort. Extremely absorbent: with moisture retention
  • Kind to the skin and soft
  • Perfect fit
  • Secure with nuk Fixing Strips
  • Particularly hygienic: individually packed

The NUK No Mess Weaning Bowls feature a suction base to keep mess off the table and two lids - one vented for microwave use and one for storage.

The deep, rounded sides offer easy scooping and the ergonomic design means easy handling. The perfect size for toddler portions. BPA free.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Parents wash about 160 loads with rompers, bibs and tops in the first year of their baby’s life alone. So it is particularly important that the detergent they use is gentle to the skin – for after every wash the textiles come in direct contact with their baby’s gentle skin.

NUK Laundry Detergent is based on an effective cleaning formula with natural enzymes which help to remove stains. All the active ingredients can be rinsed away completely, so they do not come in contact with a baby’s skin. The NUK Laundry Detergent is suitable for washing at between 20°C to 90°C and the 1000 ml bottle is enough for approx. 16 wash loads. Parents need not worry when washing the laundry in a baby’s household – and can have a good feeling while doing the best for the whole family.

  • Nuk Twist Bottle Brush
  • • Perfectly clean: flexible head reaches all inside the bottle and reliably removes any remaining formula or milk
  • • With extra teat brush in the handle
  • • Ergonomic handle with slit to hang brush up and dry quickly
  • • Special nylon bristles clean thoroughly but are still gentle on the bottle
  • NUK Twist Bottle Brush, for the thorough and gentle cleaning of baby bottles, incl. teat brush, randomly selected colours
  • Cleaning the baby bottles is just one of the daily tasks in every home with young children – and parents are happy when this task is done both simply and in no time at all! The NUK
  • Bottle Brush Twist was specially developed to clean baby bottles and teats quickly, thoroughly and gently so that they are ready for use at the next baby meal.
  • As clean as possible
  • The flexible brush head makes a particularly thorough cleaning of the bottle possible. Any difficult to reach leftovers are also removed without a problem.
  • Gentle on the bottle
  • The special nylon bristles clean thoroughly, without damaging the material of the bottle.
  • 2in1: teat brush included
  • With the small, extra teat brush in the handle, teats can be optimally cleaned too.

    Features :

• Several tiny openings modelled on a mother’s breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow
• Wide, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother’s nipple encourages acceptance
• Innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air being swallowed
• For children aged 0-6 months
• Fits all NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles
• Approved by the Oral Health Foundation.