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The Oly Active Mirror gives the driver a wide-angle view of baby strapped into the back-facing car seat, allowing them to see each other without turning around. At the same time, the infant also enjoys the company of a delightful "companion" in the mirror's shiny face, with a friendly smile, wobbly ears... and sensory surprises! Babies and parents alike will look forward to car trips, thanks to this original travel accessory that combines practical function with age-appropriate fun.


Wide angle view Convex Mirror that enables the parents to watch their child from various wide angles
Blinking eyes which gives a playful element to catch your child's attention
Lighted smile to comfort your baby
Playful wobbly ears with Special light effect for sensorial development
Music: 4 Melodies + 4 Sound effects (train, ocean, bubbles & birds)
Remote Control for quick and easy handling
Adjustable tilt legs for Optimal Positioning of the mirror
Bubble Dream light effects for sensorial development
Battery: Mirror (AA battry x3pcs); Remote (3V CR2032 (round shape) x1pc)

  1. Light effect activated by press of the squirrel's belly to entertain baby promotes cognitive development
  2. Dazzle Effect star, Plush crinkly tail & rattling squirrel, pee, a boo mirror and acorn teether develops baby's senses and motor skills.
  3. Adjustable arch and toys according to baby's growth and preferences
  4. Easy to attach & adjust straps for quick installation to seat's headrest.
  1. Full motion Dazzle Effect created as a result of natural light shining through our processed material, providing fascinating light and color effect to catch the baby's eye with every move
  2. The double-sided, age appropriate toys, each with its own unique look and feel, will keep baby amused while stimulating the baby's senses.
  3. Adjustable clamps for universal attachment to most carriers, strollers, prams, bouncers, trampolines and more.
  4. Flexible arch can be angled forward or away from baby with one hand.
  5. Bird: squeaky noise when pressed, leaves with crinkly sound and colorful variety of fabrics.Air Balloon: Wind Chimes and has teether Sun: peek-a-boo mirror and makes rattle sounds.

A must-have for on-the-go dining with a baby or toddler! This 3-in-1 lightweight portable booster seat doubles up as a storage space for your child’s daily essentials and acts as a trendy travel bag when the seat is closed.

You’ll love the simple set-up, cleanup and portability and your child will love sitting at the table like one of the grownups!

If you would rather use it at home – this booster seat is a great space saver


Storage space to keep all you need at your fingertips: bottles, nappies and more
Easy and quick assembly to adult’s chair
Strong shell ensures stability and protects items in storage
Convenient strap converts it into a trendy bag
Adjustable 3-point safety harness – keeping your child safe and secure in place
Easy to clean and durable materials
Suitable for ages 9-36 months (when child can sit unaided) – approx. 20kg

Colour of Product:
Blue, Grey
30 cm
31.6 cm
13.5 cm

  1. Gently supports and cradles baby’s delicate head, neck and back
  2. Adjusts to baby’s growing needs with detachable and adjustable head support
  3. Innovative hidden foot rattles stimulate and amuse when baby moves
  4. Reversible
  5. Safety crash tested
  1. Dual fabrics allow the Total Body Support to be used in both summer and winter, as well as in-between systems.
  2. Provides total body support for your baby's fragile head, neck and back, and promotes ideal posture.
  3. Adjustable and re-attachable head support to follow the baby's growth and development.
  4. Rattle noise effects while your baby kicks their feet.
  5. Headrest can be used separately without the rest of the body support.
  6. Pacifier holder provides easy access.
  7. Cold machine washable.
  8. Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months.

Ergonomic design provides head and back support to baby
Unique fabric developed to reduce sweating keeping baby dry and comfortable
Detachable & adjustable head support that grows with baby
Extra padded neck and check cushions to keep baby’s delicate head in place
Excellent for preemies and newborn
Suitable for most harness systems
Easily transferable when changing car seats
Simple to use, easy to clean
Machine Washable
Age: +0 Months
Products Dimensions (cm): 64x40x6; (inches): 25.2×15.75×2.3
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold (Max Temp 30°C/86°F)


Ergonomic design provides head support to baby
Unique fabric developed to reduce sweating keeping baby dry and comfortable
Extra padded neck and check cushions to keep baby’s delicate head in place
Excellent for preemies and newborn
Suitable for most harness systems
Easily transferable when changing car seats
Simple to use, easy to clean
Machine Washable
Age +0 Months
Product Dimensions (cm): 42x28x5.5; (inches): 16.53×11.02×2.16
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold (Max Temp 30°C/86°F)

  1. Total body support for the baby’s fragile, head, neck and back for ideal posture
  2. Detachable and adjustable head support that follows your baby’s growth & development
  3. Inner rattles to stimulate and amuse your baby
  4. Headrest can be used alone or with the body support part
  5. 2-IN-1 – Reversible material for winter & summer
  6. Front side made of a special soft plush material suitable for Winter use
  7. Backside made of a softer summer material
  8. Pacifier holder provides easier access
  9. The design enables year-round seasonal with reversible sides for summer or winter use
  10. Holds baby snug and secure in an infant seat, bassinet, stroller, bouncer or in your arms
  11. Suitable for most harness systems and easily transferable when changing car seats
  12. Care Instructions - Machine Wash Cold (Max Temp 30°C)
  13. Age - +0 Months

-Interesting, adorable, and portable owl looking projector soother that envelops baby with calming sights and sounds
-With multi possible ways to install (in car, on crib or freestanding), this nightlight soother features a LED starry projector that has a calming glow
-Benbat’s baby soother plays soft melodies and gentle nature sounds
-The captivating star light projector projects stars on any surface around Hooty (walls, ceilings, etc) and lets your baby drift to sleep peacefully
-6 calming sounds; 3 lullabies
-Auto shut-off
-3 different light colors
-Batteries not included

  1. High contrast coloured images to stimulate baby's sight and enrich visual stimulation, crinkly leaf, dazzle effect star and a crinkly fox tale.
  2. Plush cloud play pocket encourages gross motor skills
  3. Crinkly textured fox tail and Crinkly tree promotes baby's senses
  4. Tactile ribbons develop fine motor skills
  5. Easy to fold and have on-the-go
  6. Stands up alone, lays flat or tied.
  1. Extra Wide size to cover most of the car window
  2. Protects your little ones from sun glare and heat in both summer and winter.
  3. Filters light without restricting the view
  4. Easily Attaches to car window frame
  5. Stimulates senses through Dazzle Effect
  6. Can be folded in half using Velcro while connected to the window allowing older kids to enjoy the view.
  • Protects from harmful UV Rays (99.94%+) and sun glare
  • Easy to Install - has 4 strong magnets to attach to metal door frame*. (*This product is made for steel framed door/window cars only. Please check your window\door before purchasing.)
  • Can be folded as a curtain and tied by the sewn straps to see the outside.
  • Easy to store - slide open, roll down window with no interference or tie aside. Can just remove and fold once not necessary.
  • Made out of thick 3 layer fabric to block maximum external light and sun glare possible
  • Stimulates senses through 'Dazzle Effect' Star
  • Keeps car cooler on sunny days and great for long rides
  • Spot Clean Only
  • Weight: 190g
  • Size: 70 x 50 cm
  • Ergonomic shape to secure head and offer gentle neck support
  • As soft as real pillow
  • Ideal for stroller, car, plane, or any other way you travel
  • Reversible - Winter and Summer fabrics for all year round use.
  • Pacifier Holder (Velcro strap) for easier access
  • Can be used as child's cuddly friend




  1. Protects your child from harmful UV rays
  2. Filters light without restricting the view
  3. Easily attaches to the car window frame with 2 silicon pumps
  4. Stimulates baby's senses
  5. Understated elegance for modern parents
  6. Ages 0 and up
  7. Can fold in a twist for easy storing
  8. 2 pcs in a colored printed box

Gross motor skill - The whole toy acts as a significant stimulus, influencing the baby to reach out and touch it. At the same time it contributes to the eye-hand coordination, meaning the baby processes the visual information, allowing him to reach and grasp the toy. The specially-designed round shape give babies plenty to grab on to, strengthening grip and motor skills.
Fine motor skill – The small rings and the stretchable legs encourage the baby to grip them firmly by finger and thumb.
Tactile skill - A variety of fabrics and materials offering a special feel, stimulating the touch sense.
Vision Skill – Apart from the wide range of vivid colors and patterns offering visual stimulus, our special feature is the dazzle effect produced by a processed materiel allowing natural light to create stunning effects to catch the baby’s eye with every move.
Hearing skill – The crinkly material and the sound of the toys swaying with the small fine rings, all contribute to a variety of interesting sounds.
Oral skill - Soft textured plastic arms and legs help with teething and encourage oral exploration.
Cognitive Skill – The peek-a-boo cape promotes a "now you see me, now you don't" effect with its swishes and swings, exercising cognition with sound, texture, and light.
Emotional skill – The toy can act as a transitional object, which the baby can relate to. It allows for parent-baby bonding in a fun imaginative way helping to develop the baby's emotional responses.


Large convex mirror for wide angle view
Fun character keep baby busy
Patterns stimulate senses for cognitive development
Adjustable viewing angle
Fast & easy installation


External Material: 100% Polyester
Age: 0+
Care Instructions: Wash carefully with damp cloth


This adorable Grab & Go rattling animals have soft plush materials, a Dazzle window and a rattling jelly-fish/legs that offers a Multi-skill booster for your baby. The little buddy will encourage your baby to reach out, grab, tug and kick. The special Dazzle Effect will keep baby busy and entertained with fascinating light shining through. Easy to link hook to stroller bars, car seat bars, activity gyms, cribs and more.

Easy to link unique shape clip ensures toy always faces the child
Develops vision skill by the Dazzle Effect star which enables natural light to create stunning effects to catch baby's attention.
Bright Colors for visual focus and fascination
Rattling Jelly-Fish with strings / Bridi legs
BPA Free
For activity gyms, strollers, infant seats, cribs and more.


This adorable jittery buddy teaches your child about endless sensory-stimulating sounds, colors and textiles. Bright fun colors, Cute plush animal buddy, funky ribbons, jiggle its stomach for rattle sounds, crinkly cape and BPA free Dazzle Star are ideal for early motor skills development. Pull down and watch it jitter its way up. Easy to link hook to stroller bars, car seat bars and more. The perfect toy for you child at home and anywhere you go - a dazzling time is promised!

Easy to link unique shape clip ensures toy always faces the child
Bright colors for visual focus and fascination
Develops early motor skills
Develops hand-eye coordination
Develops vision skill by the Dazzle Effect star which enables natural light to create stunning effects to catch baby’s attention
Pull down and jitter back up
Crinkly cape
Rattle tummy to teach baby to focus and identify sounds
For activity gyms, strollers, infant seats, cribs and more