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  • Our portable baby mobile easily attaches to cribs, strollers and car seat carriers to engage and soothe baby with movement and music. Whimsical animal friends feature bright colors and light-catching prisms for maximum engagement. Offering 20 minutes of music, our travel baby mobile has a fold-down arm so you can take it anywhere.
  • Ages 0-5m
  • Three spinning friends with motorized movement and light-catching prisms
  • Easily attaches to strollers (using clip), travel cribs (using clamp) and carriers (using strap)
  • Fold-down portable arm
  • 20 minutes of continuous music
  • Plays 4 lullabies: Twinkle Twinkle, Eine Kleine, Brahms' Lullaby, Rock-a-Bye Baby
  • Three AA batteries requires (not included)
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free
  • Size (inches): 10.5l x 5w x 16h; (cm): 26.5l x 13w x 94h
  1. Light effect activated by press of the squirrel's belly to entertain baby promotes cognitive development
  2. Dazzle Effect star, Plush crinkly tail & rattling squirrel, pee, a boo mirror and acorn teether develops baby's senses and motor skills.
  3. Adjustable arch and toys according to baby's growth and preferences
  4. Easy to attach & adjust straps for quick installation to seat's headrest.
  1. Full motion Dazzle Effect created as a result of natural light shining through our processed material, providing fascinating light and color effect to catch the baby's eye with every move
  2. The double-sided, age appropriate toys, each with its own unique look and feel, will keep baby amused while stimulating the baby's senses.
  3. Adjustable clamps for universal attachment to most carriers, strollers, prams, bouncers, trampolines and more.
  4. Flexible arch can be angled forward or away from baby with one hand.
  5. Bird: squeaky noise when pressed, leaves with crinkly sound and colorful variety of fabrics.Air Balloon: Wind Chimes and has teether Sun: peek-a-boo mirror and makes rattle sounds.
  • Lots of activities to encourage baby to think, look, listen and move
  • Easily wraps around stroller bar or side of cot.
  • Textured teether to soothe sore gums
  • Crinkle, rattle and squeaker sounds for auditory stimulation.
  • Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months old
  • Designed in Australia

Ages 0+
Light-up hedgehog plays four different songs and a sound when belly is pressed
Hedgehog features tactile spikes for teething
Clear rattle ball with colorful beads
Spinning mirror
Three movable click clack links with a place to add baby's favorite toy
Attach to infant carriers or most stroller bumper bars with secure double straps
Coordinates with Explore & More toy collection
BPA-free, Phthalate-free
Size (inches): 12l x 1.75w x 6h; (cm): 30l x 4.5w x 15h

  • Ages 0+
  • Plush potted catcus vibrates and shakes when ring is pulled
  • Stroller ring easily attaches to strollers, carriers and more
  • Phthalate-free
  • Coordinates with Skip Hop Farmstand Collection
  • Size (inches): 4L x 4W x 10.5H; (cm): 10.16L x 10.16W x 26.67H

Stands on tabletop or easily attaches to strollers, carriers and diaper bags with silicone strap
Plays two melodies (Brahms' Lullaby, Sunrise Lullaby) and two nature sounds (waves, rainforest)
Easy-to-use rubber key pad with volume control
Auto-off timer settings for 15, 30 and 60 minutes
Fabric speaker covers


  • Get ready to guac and roll with our adorable avocado stroller toy. Featuring two halves that stick together, it’s easy for little hands to open and close. Inside, they’ll find (surprise!) a peek-a-boo rattle “pit” at the center. The plush, textured exterior and cute felt details make this a fresh and fun way to entertain baby wherever you go. Like all our stroller toys and portable baby toys, it has a built-in loop and ring so you can easily attach it to the bar of your stroller, infant carrier or other gear.
  • Ages 0+
  • Two halves stick together with hook-and-loop closure
  • Clear rattle “pit” center with colorful beads
  • Plush, textured material
  • Easily attaches to stroller bars and infant carriers
  • Coordinates with the Farmstand collection
  • Size (inches): 4.75l x 3.75w x 9h
  • Entertain your baby on-the-go with the cute and colorful playgro flip the turtle activity toy
  • Rattles when shaken
  • Vibrantly colored for visual stimulation
  • Textured fabrics such as ribbon - satin and felt for tactile development
  • Textured teething links for sore gums
  • C-clip attaches to a stroller or car seat
  • Spot clean
  • Textured teething rings to soothe sore gums
  • Different textures for tactile development
  • C-clip for easy attachment to prams, strollers and car seats

Buzz about! This fun bee character comes to life with flapping wings as it dances and wiggles about. Baby will practise gross motor skills as they pull Groovy Mover down and release. Groovy’s flapping wings, bright colours and bold patterns will stimulate baby’s visual development as they track the vibrating movement upwards. The clip offers easy attachment to prams, strollers and in the car, making Groovy Mover Bee the perfect travel companion for any interactive baby.

Groovy Mover wiggles and a shakes when pulled down
– Larger flapping wings for easy grasping
– Felt, satin and plush fabrics stimulate sense of touch
– Bold prints and contrasting colours attract baby’s attention
– Clip easily attaches to pram, stroller, car seat or capsule for on the go fun


Gross motor skill - The whole toy acts as a significant stimulus, influencing the baby to reach out and touch it. At the same time it contributes to the eye-hand coordination, meaning the baby processes the visual information, allowing him to reach and grasp the toy. The specially-designed round shape give babies plenty to grab on to, strengthening grip and motor skills.
Fine motor skill – The small rings and the stretchable legs encourage the baby to grip them firmly by finger and thumb.
Tactile skill - A variety of fabrics and materials offering a special feel, stimulating the touch sense.
Vision Skill – Apart from the wide range of vivid colors and patterns offering visual stimulus, our special feature is the dazzle effect produced by a processed materiel allowing natural light to create stunning effects to catch the baby’s eye with every move.
Hearing skill – The crinkly material and the sound of the toys swaying with the small fine rings, all contribute to a variety of interesting sounds.
Oral skill - Soft textured plastic arms and legs help with teething and encourage oral exploration.
Cognitive Skill – The peek-a-boo cape promotes a "now you see me, now you don't" effect with its swishes and swings, exercising cognition with sound, texture, and light.
Emotional skill – The toy can act as a transitional object, which the baby can relate to. It allows for parent-baby bonding in a fun imaginative way helping to develop the baby's emotional responses.

  • Click-Clack rings for assisting in auditory development
  • Small Textured Beads for hand-eye coordination
  • Soft materials for allowing exploration without catching small fingers
  • Stem toys for a bright future

Large convex mirror for wide angle view
Fun character keep baby busy
Patterns stimulate senses for cognitive development
Adjustable viewing angle
Fast & easy installation


External Material: 100% Polyester
Age: 0+
Care Instructions: Wash carefully with damp cloth


This adorable Grab & Go rattling animals have soft plush materials, a Dazzle window and a rattling jelly-fish/legs that offers a Multi-skill booster for your baby. The little buddy will encourage your baby to reach out, grab, tug and kick. The special Dazzle Effect will keep baby busy and entertained with fascinating light shining through. Easy to link hook to stroller bars, car seat bars, activity gyms, cribs and more.

Easy to link unique shape clip ensures toy always faces the child
Develops vision skill by the Dazzle Effect star which enables natural light to create stunning effects to catch baby's attention.
Bright Colors for visual focus and fascination
Rattling Jelly-Fish with strings / Bridi legs
BPA Free
For activity gyms, strollers, infant seats, cribs and more.

  1. Fun, plush characters chime with a gentle shake
  2. C-link attaches to almost anything for On-the-Go fun
  3. Colorful plush characters are fun to touch and enhance visual development
  4. A portion of the proceeds goes to support breast cancer charities
  5. Comes in 3 different characters

This adorable jittery buddy teaches your child about endless sensory-stimulating sounds, colors and textiles. Bright fun colors, Cute plush animal buddy, funky ribbons, jiggle its stomach for rattle sounds, crinkly cape and BPA free Dazzle Star are ideal for early motor skills development. Pull down and watch it jitter its way up. Easy to link hook to stroller bars, car seat bars and more. The perfect toy for you child at home and anywhere you go - a dazzling time is promised!

Easy to link unique shape clip ensures toy always faces the child
Bright colors for visual focus and fascination
Develops early motor skills
Develops hand-eye coordination
Develops vision skill by the Dazzle Effect star which enables natural light to create stunning effects to catch baby’s attention
Pull down and jitter back up
Crinkly cape
Rattle tummy to teach baby to focus and identify sounds
For activity gyms, strollers, infant seats, cribs and more


A game of peek a boo! The Playgro wiggling puppy has a soft bone that can be moved up and down to entertain your baby. Peek-a-boo games show baby that objects still exist even without being able to see them, your baby will have lots of laughs playing games with this wiggling friend!

Soft material for sensory enhancement
A textured link
Vibrant colours for visual perception
Easy attach clip

Fine Motor Skills
Helps baby use their hands & fingers for small, precise movements i.e. grasping or manipulating objects.

Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby's visual perception.

Features various textures to help stimulate baby's tactile development.

Features sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development.

  1. Soft material for sensory enhancement
  2. A textured link
  3. Vibrant colours for visual perception
  4. Easy attach clip
  • Five fun toys that encourage visual perception
  • Fold and go feature allowing for easy storage
  • Detachable toys
  • Stem toys for a bright future
  1. Squeaker sound for auditory stimulation
  2. Silky ribbons for developing fine motor skills
  3. Ideal size for small hands
  • 5 chunky keys are sized just right for tiny hands
  • • Introduces baby to different shapes, colors, numbers and animal friends on every key
  • • Spinning roller ball on first key
  • • Grasping & flipping the keys and batting at the roller ball help boost baby’s fine motor skill building!
  • • Variety of colors, shapes and textures help stimulate baby’s senses
  1. Textured teething links can help soothe sore gums
  2. Vibrant colourful links connect together to form a chain
  3. Link baby’s favourite toys for on-the-go fun!